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Sangens Hus is a national collaborative forum for song and singing

In Danish ‘sang’ refers to a song as well as the act of singing. It thus frames the double focus of song as art and as a social activity.

As a catalyst for the joy of singing, Sangens Hus works to strengthen and develop cultures of song at all levels and within all genres. With a grant from the Ministry of Culture and broad political support from the Folketing’s Finance Committee, the project was launched in August 2013, and enjoys continuous political and financial support from state, cities and private foundations.

Sangens Hus rests on a platform of collaboration between organisations and agents who focuses on promoting the act of singing in Denmark through sharing knowledge, developing talent and maintaining new song projects driven by Sangens Hus.

Projects under the auspices of Sangens Hus are most often collaborative projects joining forces, knowledge and resources from several different actors.

Many of the projects aim to create a strong local long-lasting impact working with organisations which can benefit from song in daily life e.g. in kindergarden, school or local choirs, creating meeting ground for native Danes and newcomers or supporting cities in developing art strategies for kids.

Sangens Hus also serves as a national agent in coordinating talent development through the regional institutions’ Sangkraftcenter (song-power-houses), which the minister of culture has declared ‘…a solution to letting more children experience the force and joy of active musicmaking´.

Sangens Hus has founded ‘Videncenter for sang’ (Knowledge Centre for Song) which works to collect and promote high level knowledge of the aesthetic, physical, cognitive, emotional and social meaning of singing.

Sangens Hus has its administrative headquarters in Herning, Jutland but works throughout the country.

In 2020 Sangens Hus has a staff of 38 and a turnover of approx. 11 mil. Danish kroner. (1,5 mil €) excluding the Sangkraftcentre and associated choirs.